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Good Governance in Law Firms:A Strategic Approach to Executive Decision Making and Management Structures (in English)
Governance today is more than just writing a good partnership agreement. Our multidisciplinary team of contributors demonstrate how governance has become a unifying and integrating system for a wide range of critical strategic and business issues. The inquiry starts with an overview of modern governance structures in law firms, and how the concept of governance has expanded to include features such as professional managers and partner remuneration systems.

To be effective, a law firm's governance system must facilitate, not complicate, the solution of important internal challenges, such as change management, managing partner performance and succession planning. How can good governance help law firm owners to make better decisions? How can governance incorporate management information and concepts of risk management into the decision-making process?

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Hi, I wanna Be a Partner! (in Russian)
This book explores in details five keystones of law firm management - partnership, strategy, legal teams, financial models and effective internal operations. of the crucial elements relating to hot-topics and high-priorities in legal business management.
This title will be of practical use to law firms of all sizes and provides valuable guidance for managing directors, business development directors, partners and managers responsible for effective operations and successful development of their law firms.

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Looking for a Better Carrot (in Russian)
Lock-step or eat-what-you-kill? Any other option to keep your partners happy and motivate them effectively.
A handbook for managing partners, partners and young stars to understand partners remuberation basics in a nutshell.

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69 Questions to Effective Yourself and Your Law Firm (in Russian)
A workbook for law firm partners. A practical guide to prepare yourself for a partner meeting or retreat, evaluate effectiveness of your practice or appraise your team. Unique creative space to boost partners innovative thoughts and inventive minds.

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