7 "do's" i am the best at...
my strong suits and services, that law firm partners could benefit from
Matching strategy with the best tactics to achieve business goals
Executing critical thinking and strong judgment during turbulence
Applying interdisciplinary approach to deliver results
Boosting operational efficiency and efficacy of BPO
Deploying innovations for business development
Identifying opportunities for organizational development
Fostering and nurturing talents
(1) strategy formulation for a firm, practice or industry
Assisting law firms to resolve complex strategic and organisational issues.
Supporting firms in making and executing strategic, high-impact decisions.
Providing an independent and objective analysis and unbiased judgment.
Sharing practical insights, based on industry and market research.
Ensuring high-quality decision making, effective execution and top results.
(2) strategic reviews, design new business models for profitability growth
Reviewing firms competitive advantages in order to actualise firm strategy accordingly.
Aligning strategy with annual business goals, short-term planning and client targeting respectively.
Finding flexibility in strategy execution for achieving better results.
Helping partners and key staff to track and understand market trends and factors affecting partners, teams and firm performance
Bringing profitability growth and unique pricing techniques.
Enhancing the quality of firm business operations and strategic thinking as a whole.
Defining concrete strategies and steps to achieve profitable revenue growth.
Developing programs for revenue growth with current and new clientelle, product and services line, accommodationg pricing policies

(3) data-driven decision making
Leveraging internal and external data to boost clients financial performance.
Using brand-new business techniques and intelligence systems to enable law firms switching from a traditional gut-feeling approach to data-driven decision making.
Helping clients select the right systems, design the data structure, set KPIs, and create the reporting tools to monitor and drive your performance up.
(4) change management and critical transformations
Understanding the need for change, embracing them in day-to-day operations, changing firm attitude toward changes, and trasforming mindsets and behaviour.
Desingning a bespoke change architecture and process for your strategic initiative implementation.
Supporting firm through the transformation process.
Refining and adapting initial plans on-the-go to achieve results smoothly, but efficiently.
(5) risk management, incl. reputation management
"Reputation comes on foot, but leaves on horseback".

Advising on how to structure risk management across the legal practice.
Helping clients to map major risks for the firm (toxic clients, destructive partners behaviour, talents flow, approach to BD, pricing policies, etc)
Evaluating and ranking current risk areas, developing mitigation tactics.
Setting up the role of a risk manager within the firm and assigning it to the right person.
Introducing risk management culture as an vital part of key business processes in the firm.
(6) partners performance management
Evaluating partner performance as an independent party.
Helping partnerships to set crystal-clear criteria and process for partners appraisal.
Communicating recognition and criticism in a professional manner.
Finding new elements for partners motivation.
Tracking partners development and supporting their spirit for continuous professional growth.
Accumulating individual feedback for further strategic reviews and critical transformation both within a firm and a partnership.
(7) merger and acquisions
I have an extensive experience with dozens of law firm mergers and acquisions as well as firm splittings and spin-offs. My "merger and acquision" portfolio contain cases of different firm sizes, jurisdictions and contexts. I supported the full spectrum of such transactions from "peer-to-peer" mergers, to acquisitions, team or signle lateral hires, to office opening or closures and restructurings.

Assisting with preparations for negotiations.
Supporting negotiations acting either for one party or as a go-in-between professional. Carrying out due diligence investigations to uncover issues that could be a deal-breaker or cause post-merger difficulties.
Providing merged firm with a new joint strategy.
Facilitating the post-merger integration.
Aligning all aspects of firms opearation and legacy to create a coherent business organism.